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Caring for a Loved One with Memory Loss

Many people still have misconceptions about memory loss. By learning more about the differencebetween normal aging and serious memory loss, we can better understand the challenges faced by those who are affected. Individuals with memory loss and their loved ones can continue to live life without being isolated.The purpose of this seminar was to provide […]

Trends In Senior Living

We have entered into a new era of vibrant and modern senior living, where your golden years are filled with endless possibilities. During our August seminar, we learned about the exciting trends that are shaping senior living communities. Local experts shared information on the different types of senior living options and how to find a […]

Embracing Technology for Your Health & Safety

The latest advancements in technology are helping seniors to live more independently and safely in their homes. Our expert panelist, Antoinette from ImproveAbility, provided a live demonstration and covered topics such as: Smart home technology Assistive and adaptive technology Wearable devices Watch our seminar to discover how technology can enhance your life and provide peace […]

Financial Guidance for Seniors

You’ve spent a lifetime building for the future. And for many seniors like you, that future is coming all too soon. Our expert panelists, Will Boughton from Vera Bank Georgetown, and Lori Anderson from Thrive Mortgage addressed a variety of financial topics including, but not limited to:•Exploring what to do with the proceeds from the […]

Living to 100

  As many of us continue to live to be 80, 90 or even 100 and beyond, how can we prepare for the predictable dilemmas* of aging? Questions such as: • Where will I live? • How can I best manage my health? • How will I cope all by myself? • What should I […]