Almost 80 Seniors Embraced Technology After We Told Them, “Don’t Be Left Behind.”

Today, a growing number of older adults are embracing technology like never before. Keeping up with family and friends online, continuing to learn and grow intellectually, staying fit and watching their health, playing games, or just entertaining themselves.

While many of us are tech-savvy, some seniors are reluctant to cross the Digital Divide because of physical difficulties, fears that they’re “too old,” worries of scams, misunderstanding the benefits, or just lack of assistance or support. Whether they’re a “newbie” or a “web warrior”, Seniors Living Smarter invited seniors to join us July 14 for our seminar — “Embracing Technology: Don’t Be Left Behind.”

Expert panelists, experienced in helping older adults with technology questions, addressed topics such as: •Discovering resources for in-person and online technical support and training •Promoting health and wellness with personal devices •Embracing tech tools to stay organized and productive •Learning how to avoid scams on all devices

Seniors Living Smarter Seminars are hosted on the second Thursday of every month at McKinney Christian Ministry Center, 1205 Ash Street, Georgetown, on the First Methodist Church Campus. You may register online at Seniors Living Smarter Seminars. The goal of the free seminars is to equip, educate, and inspire seniors to make informed choices and empowered decisions concerning their lifestyle goals. Seminars are sponsored by Visiting AngelsWesleyan HomesVera BankNorthStar Georgetown and Seniors Living Smarter Services.

The next seminar will be presented on Thursday, August 11 — the topic is “You’ve Got A Lot of Living To Do.” Registration is accepted online at Seniors Living Smarter/Seminars or call 512-862-7339 and leave a message.