Seniors Living Smarter Seminar: You’ve Got A Lot Of Living To Do!

Today, instead of riding off into the sunset, many seniors are seizing on the realities of longer life expectancy and enhanced well-being while enjoying what many consider to be the new “golden years.“

On Thursday, August 11, we presented for our Seniors Living Smarter Seminar: “You’ve Got A Lot of Living to Do!” Our goal was to define a new reality of self worth, life satisfaction, and happiness that can be as good or better than any previous period. Our panelists included Linda Burns — Silver Sneakers, Georgetown Recreation Center; Babs Cape — Travel Advisor, Precision Travel, Inc.; and Ron Snell — Director, Senior University.  They highlighted programs and opportunities ranging from academic, to fitness, to travel, to adventure. Topics included:

  • How can you reimagine yourself in this age of personal fulfillment?
  • Why is purpose and staying active so important?
  • What is the spectrum of opportunities available in and around Georgetown?
  • What if your mobility is challenged?

Seniors Living Smarter Seminars are hosted on the second Thursday of every month at McKinney Christian Ministry Center, 1205 Ash Street, Georgetown, on the First Methodist Church Campus. You may register online at Seniors Living Smarter Seminars. The goal of the free seminars is to equip, educate, and inspire seniors to make informed choices and empowered decisions concerning their lifestyle goals. Seminars are sponsored by Visiting AngelsWesleyan HomesVera BankNorthStar Georgetown and Seniors Living Smarter Services.

The next seminar will be presented on Thursday, September 8 — the topic is “Before A Healthcare Crisis Occurs, Do You Have The Benefits You Really Need?” Registration is accepted online at Seniors Living Smarter/Seminars or call 512-862-7339 and leave a message.