Sun City Real Estate Market Statistics

Sun City Real Estate Market Report

Currently there are 175 Sun City homes for sale on the MLS. There were 23 homes sold in October with an average sales price of $202,575 and an average of 79 days on the market. The October sales bring the total number of sales thus far in 2011 to 294. Sales have surpassed the total number of resale sales in 2010 which was 287.

 Sun City Neighborhood Sold Report

A review of the  Sun City homes recently sold listed in the MLS for the last five years suggests interesting trends.  The number of sales has increased each year; of course there is more real estate in Sun City. Perhaps most interesting is an analysis of the average sales prices which appear to reflect the economy with the average sales prices dipping from $216,030 in 2007 to their lowest in 2008 at $200,140. In 2009, the average sales price increased to $202,667. Through October this year, the average sales price has risen to $208,542.

*Through October

** List price at time of sale


Sun City MLS Sales By Price Range

Another interesting perspective is to review the number of sales by price range.








*Through October

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