CNN Best Places To Retire Features Georgetown TX Neighbor City

CNN Recently reported their top 25 places to retire and the number 16 spot was held by Georgetown TX area close neighbor city, Austin TX. While there are many amazing places to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle, Georgetown, while not a large city, offers many of the same wonderful attributes-as well as many more! Located only minutes away, Austin TX was picked by CNN as one of the best places in the country to live for the following reasons.

Georgetown TX, Right Outside Austin

Austin is a perennial fixture on just about any Best Cities ranking, from ones featuring best entertainment to outdoor living. The one thing that isn’t so great about Austin? It is a  city.  While fun at times, city-life can become monotonous when you have to deal with it every single day just to go to the grocery store.

While Austin is also ranked for great outdoor entertainment-from live concerts to parades to art exhibits enjoyed in the wonderful year around summery Texas weather, you will truely get to enjoy the outdoors by getting outside of Austin and going to areas like Georgetown TX, where vast green spaces, parks, and miles and miles of trails add a staple to the lifestyle.

Georgetown Real Estate Values and Prices

Another reason Austin usually ranks on the Best City lists? The real estate is very affordable-and so to is the real estate of Georgetown TX. Georgetown real estate has actually increased in value, just as the real estate in Austin has. You can get a charming home featuring a large yard for just a little less per square foot for a similarly sized home inside the Austin city limits-and remember that in Texas, there is no state income tax!

Located just minutes outside of Austin, Georgetown TX home buyers benefit from great real estate value, as well as the ability to get more space to spread out. The small town charm of Georgetown TX just can’t be duplicated in a large city-and let’s face it, large cities are fun, but it is only in more wide open country spaces that all the stars in the sky can be enjoyed during a Georgetown TX community drive-in movie, and Georgetown TX holds one every year in honor of the end of summer.

Other Benefits of Being Near Austin

One of the best parts of living in Georgetown TX real estate is that there is no shortage of things to do. From community events, outdoor events, the arts, and clubs right here in Georgetown, residents also benefit greatly from being so close to Austin. We all get to enjoy the joys of small town charmed living, yet still get to travel only a few minutes to enjoy the plethora of things to do in Austin from live music on 6th Street to the opera, symphony, or ballet at the Long Center for the Performing Arts.

Seniors from Georgetown can sign up for fitness and enrichment classes right here or travel into Austin to enjoy events and classes at one of three different city-run senior centers. Additionally, while the University of Texas at Austin has a robust lifelong learning program as well as lecture series that many Georgetown Boomers and Beyond clubs utilize as an extension of their activities.

Relocated to Georgetown TX

Are you ready to buy Georgetown TX real estate? Any questions you have about Georgetown TX Lifestyle or real estate, please contact me, Virginia Lazenby, your expert Georgetown real estate agent.

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