Georgetown Seniors Discover  Secrets to “Planning a Graceful Exit”

The promise of giving themselves and their loved ones the priceless peace of mind that comes with knowing their final wishes will be honored, just as they want them, attracted almost 100 seniors on Thursday, March 9 to our Seniors Living Smarter seminar, “Planning a Graceful Exit”.

By looking ahead and doing some pre-planning for the inevitable “what if’s,” we all learned how you can breathe easier and enjoy the minutes, days, weeks, months, and years you have ahead of you. To assist, we assembled a team of experts in hospice care and funeral planning to make sure our attendees were well-educated to navigate these emotional issues. Thank you to our amazing panelists, Nancy McRainie from Hospice Austin and Brock Bonheim from Ramsey Funeral Home & Crematorium.

The 2023 Seniors Living Smarter Seminar Series has been designed to educate, equip, and inspire you to be prepared to face these dilemmas and live your life to the fullest.

Seniors Living Smarter presents free seminars on the second Thursday of every month at McKinney Christian Ministry Center, 1205 Ash Street, Georgetown, on the First Methodist Church Campus.

Seminars are sponsored by Visiting AngelsCare Partner to CaregiverVera BankNorthStar Georgetown and Seniors Living Smarter Services. Be sure to join us for the next seminar starting in 2023 on April 13 – “Decluttering vs Downsizing“. Click to register or call 512-862-7339 and leave a message.