Planning Your Next Steps — Vital Topic for Georgetown, TX Seniors

“Planning Your Next Steps” generated much interest among Georgetown seniors on Thursday, November 18, during this Seniors Living Smarter webinar presented via Zoom. Many seniors find themselves questioning whether they’ve made all the right preparations and plans for their estates. Complex questions about wills, trusts, estate planning and more are too important to leave unattended. Even if they already have had a will prepared by an attorney, there may be many other issues that need to be resolved. Seniors joined us to get valuable advice from our expert panelists William Boughton of Vera Bank and Christina Peterson of Peterson-Peterson Attorneys on such topics as:

•           I already have a will — am I all set?

•           I have no family — who do I turn to as executor?

•           What is a trust, and do I need one?

•           In Texas, does my estate need to go to probate or can I avoid that?

The panel included William Boughton, Vera Bank and Christina Peterson, Peterson-Peterson Attorneys. To request a free copy of Peterson-Peterson’s “THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN”TEXAS ESTATE PLANNING DOCUMENTS, email to

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