Georgetown seniors get answers to “Understanding the Costs of Senior Living”

As we age, we all want to do our best to ensure that we have enough money to live life to the fullest. The reality is, however, many people are unsure of the actual costs of senior living. Whether you age in place or move to a senior community, our expert panelists will help you understand the costs of senior living and how we can cover those expenses. We are sharing this information to help you plan for your future.

We often talk about the importance of financial planning and how much money will we have to live on. Today we’re going to take a different perspective and explore the costs associated with senior living whether it be aging in place or in a senior community and beyond that gain an understanding, and perhaps an appreciation, of why the costs are what they are.

On Thursday, May 20, Georgetown seniors joined our webinar on Zoom to get answers to “Understanding the Costs of Senior Living” as part of our program of Seniors Living Smarter Webinars.

Important Questions We Wanted to Answer:

• What are the costs of independent and assisted living?

• What are the costs of home care and home healthcare?

• What resources do you have available to help cover the cost senior living?

To help us understand the expenses of senior living, we assembled a panel of experts. to provide information so that we know what the costs are what they are. Panelists included:

  • Ryan Searight, Owner/Director of Operations, Visiting Angels Williamson County
  • Christi Buerger, Account Executive/Social Worker, Texas Home Health Personal Care
  • Cristy Bryant Schuler, Community Relations, Wesleyan Homes
  • Steve Decovic, Managing General Agent, Silver Key Benefits

Ryan Searight and Christy Buerger spoke specifically to the costs of home health care for seniors seeking to remain in their homes and access care for themselves or a loved one.

Cristy Bryant Schuler provided current information on the costs of care in assisted living communities and other extended care resources.

And Steve Decovic provided details on a variety of vehicles to help pay for senior care through insurance and financial strategies.

Christi Buerger also provided some great resources from Texas Home Health.  Feel free to print them for your own information and share with family and friends.

Texas Home Health Brochure

Texas PCS Agency Vs Private Hire

Texas PCS Funding Source

We are also including links for the VA forms discussed in the webinar. 

Home Health Aid & Respite
Apply Directly: Veterans can apply direct by filling out the 10-10ez form and sending to the Veterans Administration. 
Download VA Form 10-10EZ:

Apply at Veterans Center: Veteran can go to a local Veterans center for assistance from a service coordinator. Locations:

Aid & Attendance Pension
Download VA Form 21-2680
List of PMC Locations:

VA locations:

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