The Ins and Outs of Probate and Transfer of Property

We often hear questions related to probate when it’s required or not — and questions about other possible ways to transfer ownership of a property upon the death of a spouse including: Transfer on Death Deed and Lady Bird Deed.

At our next seminar we will get the facts from an elder law attorney and a title company escrow agent about how to best navigate this complex process.  During time of emotional stress this topic can be overwhelming but we will have our expert panelists on hand to answer questions and help give clarity.  The experts will be an elder law attorney and title company escrow agent. The seminar is Thursday, July 19, 10:00 – 11:30 AM at the First Presbyterian Church located at 703 S Church St, Georgetown, TX 78626

The goal of the Seniors Living Smarter Seminars is to equip, educate, and inspire seniors to make informed decisions concerning their lifestyle. To reserve your seat register at or for more information, call Virginia at 512-862-7339

Hosted by: Virginia Lazenby | Certified Senior Housing Professional


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