Getting Rid of the “Stuff”


Do you have too much stuff?  Is the thought of getting rid of your stuff filling you with anxiety and stress?  With all the options available it is difficult to know where to go for help, buy-outs, consignment, donations, estate sales, garage sales and the list goes on and on.  Our next seminar will help you begin to make a plan of action and will also help you find out who to ask for help. The Estate Liquidation Strategies: Getting Rid of the Stuff is next Thursday, March 15th at 10:00 am.  So if you have been thinking about downsizing or just simply cleaning out your garage do yourself a favor and come to this seminar!

The goal of the Seniors Living Smarter seminars is to equip, educate, and inspire seniors to make informed decisions concerning their lifestyle and the seminars are free to seniors and their families.

To register go to or call Virginia Lazenby, Downsizing Coach | Certified Senior Housing Professional | Seniors Real Estate Specialist

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