How Decluttering Can Make Your Life Easier

Some practical steps to help you begin taking control of “the stuff”.

  • Start small – just 15 minutes per day. A cabinet or closet is a great place to start
  • Identify what you want to keep. Color code with stickers or painter’s tape.  Ask yourself…Do I love it? Do I need it?  Will I use it? Must answer “yes” to one question
  • Identify items of sentimental value that should be passed on to family members.  Make an inventory list with notations describing the significance of the object
  • Select special pieces to represent a collection. Photograph the collection then let the rest of the collection go.
  • Let it go  – An opportunity for someone else to enjoy or benefit from the stuff you no longer need.
  • Stuff you inherited and hold on to out of a sense of obligation.
  • Objects you never really liked.
  • Things you regret having paid so much money to buy.
  • Return other people’s stuff to their rightful owners – including your kids’ stuff.

“Outdated belongings that identify a version of you that vanished long ago” (Marni Jameson. Downsizing The Family Home:What to Save What to Let Go

We had quite the crowd at our recent February seminar, the topic was “Is Your Stuff Holding You Back from Moving On?  On hand were also industry experts who are experienced in helping get rid of the stuff. If you were not able to attend but would like more information about this topic contact the SeniorsLivingSmarter Team today, call Virginia Lazenby or email 

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