Downsizing: How to do it Smarter.

Let’s imagine you have done your homework and toured several different senior living communities and you have chosen the one for you.  You signed the lease and now you have the timeline for your move. You are feeling great about your decision but as soon as you walk in your front door at home, you are completely overwhelmed. You wonder, how it will be possible to make this move by yourself? All of these overwhelming thoughts start racing through your mind…”downsizing is hard work, who do I call, what do I do with all this stuff?”

Yes, downsizing is hard work but luckily Seniors Living Smarter Services has it all figured out.  The Seniors Living Smarter Services team knows the 10 Downsizing Mistakes you need to Avoid. We are with you every step of the way  with resources and we work with you to develop a plan of action to help you get from your current house to your new home.

So if you are ready to make your plan of action call Virginia Lazenby, your Downsizing Coach today. Virginia will provide a complimentary consultation that will help you make your plan and help you feel at ease about the whole downsizing process.  Schedule your downsizing consultation today, call 512-862-7339 or email

Visit for more information about our services and to register for our next seminar – What does ready look like? How do I know if I’m ready?  Very often these two questions are often prominent when seniors are considering  the possibility of making the transition from home ownership to living in a senior community. Join us on November 15th at 10:00 am when we will have discussion with seniors who have made the move and the whys and the hows of their decision making.  The seminar is held at First Presbyterian Church, 703 S. Church St, Georgetown TX 78626.


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