The Pumpkin Patch at San Gabriel Presbyterian Church is open!

pierce wagon

For the past five years one of my favorite autumn activities in Georgetown, TX is The Pumpkin Patch at San Gabriel Presbyterian Church. The Pumpkin Patch is a place for our Georgetown community to spend time together, wandering through the pumpkins with wagons and wheelbarrows. My grandson, Pierce, hitched a ride in a wagon and picked some pumpkins.

It’s fun to watch the excitement of children. For many families coming to the Pumpkin Patch has become an tradition – a special place for their annual picture amidst bales of hay, a photogenic scarecrow family with pumpkin heads, even an old tractor that’s a magnet for kids of all ages!

Area preschools and daycares are invited to Storytime at the Pumpkin Patch where volunteers sharestorytelling marion stories, poems, songs, and more. This year, 11 groups are coming.

Our pumpkins are grown on a Navajo Reservation in northern New Mexico. Volunteers unloaded 1852 loose pumpkins (cantaloupe size and up) plus dozens of boxes of small pumpkins and gourds. Shoppers determine the price of pumpkins based on models on display, and proceeds from the sale are split between the Scouting program at the church and the Georgetown Independent School District homeless program.

Please carve out a time in your busy schedule to join us and bring the grandkids! I’m the coordinator of the patch this year — if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Find out more about Georgetown, its attractions, its residents and its home ownership opportunities at If you are interested in making Georgetown, TX your hometown, contact me, Virginia Lazenby.

Until next time, Virginia

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