Golf with a new world of community service – that’s Georgetown, Texas Retirement

Ron Garland moved with his wife, Barbara, to Sun City at Georgetown, TX from Portland, OR, where he was Scout Executive at the Cascade Pacific Council of Boy Scouts of America. Retirement has allowed Ron to combine playing golf with being actively involved in community activities including the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and a variety of other non-profit groups.

His golf clubs still get used but he’s found a wealth of activities to fill every day with purpose.

Ron reports that when he arrived in Georgetown he had new business cards printed with the logos of Rotary International and the Boy Scouts of America to signify his interests and commitment to community service.

“That opened the door with the local Rotary and helped me participate in their activities including the golf tournament, auction and now serving as President-elect.” He also got involved with the local Boy Scouts chapter where he raised funds, supported camping facilities and opened new units.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Ron serves as ambassador at ribbon-cutting ceremonies, welcomes new businesses, and also emcees the banquet. Now he’s on the board and using his management background to identify opportunities to grow Georgetown.

Ron also serves on the board of the WC4C, (Williamson CountyCoordinated Childcare) a private non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure and promote quality, affordable and accessible early childhood education and care for young children in Williamson County, Texas. Recently Ron led the campaign to build a playground at the Wc4C facility. His eyes sparkle when he talks about WC4C becoming a training facility for other childcare providers.

Also close to home, Ron became involved with the property and grounds committee at Sun City.

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