Sun City Texas Real Estate Market Update

A review of 2011 Sun City real estate sales listed in the MLS, shows a strong year. The average Sales Price was up 3.5% from $202,667 in 2010, to $209,854. The highest average sales price since 2007. A look at average sales prices for the for the last five years suggests that our market has rebounded with 2009 being the year with the lowest average sales price of $200,140.

Sun City Real Estate Sales

Similarly there was a significant increase in the number of sales. The number of sales rose from 287 in 2010 to 352 in 2011. Of course the number of homes in Sun City increases each year. Currently there are approximately 6100 completed homes with 1300 lots remaining. The expectation is that Sun City real estate will be built out in four to five years.


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