Georgetown Texas Senior University

Boomers & Beyond in Georgetown Texas

Those of us who are in the Baby Boomers era are well known for our dedication, ingenuity, and creativity.  Entering the next phase of life doesn’t mean any of your skills needs to go to waste, especially if you retire in Georgetown Texas.

Georgetown TX Retirement Lifestyle

There are many things to love about spending your silver, golden and platinum years living in Georgetown TX Retirement Communities. Not only is our Georgetown TX area a wonderful small town atmosphere, but it is additionally a hub of activity featuring Georgetown TX fine arts, concerts, clubs, plays, festivals, music, community events, Georgetown TX recreation and more! One of the best parts of spending your well earned retirement years in Georgetown Texas neighborhoods? Your learning never has to stop, thanks to the Georgetown Texas Senior University.

Baby Boomers Communities

As part of the Georgetown TX Baby Boomer generation, you already realize how innovative, hard working, and energetic your fellow retirees can be! You certainly are not the retirees of your grandparent’s generation, and when you become part of the Georgetown Texas retirement areas, you will be able to enjoy a whole world of activities, ranging from trail blazing hikes to pottery class, to Italian festivals and dance lessons.

Senior University Georgetown Texas

The Senior University also adds depth to your Georgetown retirement life by offering you the ability to explore a wide variety of topics.  Senior University offers programs that provide lifelong learning to people age 50 and over in the Greater Georgetown area. The programs involve neither examinations nor academic credit but are designed for enjoyment, intellectual stimulation, and active discussion of important issues of the day. Prices for classes are waived in lieu of a $50 annual membership fee.  For $50 you are able to take as many classes as you want, on whatever subjects you have always been interested in learning about. Registration for Senior University Georgetown starts on Dec 2 for the 2012 school year and you can contact the Senior University during their office hours from 9:00am-noon and 1:00-4:00pm, Monday through Thursday.  You can also contact them via phone or email at: 512-819-7680


Georgetown Real Estate

Ready to start your retirement adventure in lovely Georgetown Texas retirement real estate? Be sure to contact me, your expert Georgetown TX REALTOR to get a tour of amazing  Georgetown TX Boomers and Beyond communities.


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