Georgetown TX Area Things To Do

As an all-American holiday, Labor Day was a good day  to take the Mustang out for a drive and start a  search for outstanding hamburgers in the Georgetown area. First stop, the Andice General Store.

Enjoying Life in  Georgetown TX

Located nine miles past Sun City on RR 2238, the Andice General Store is  a great place to enjoy a big, old fashioned hamburger, plus it’s a fun setting. Wide planked wooden floors, picnic tables with benches, and oil cans holding rolls of paper towels welcome you. The “take me back in time” setting is sure to put a smile on your face and reminds us to slow down and enjoy life.

Georgetown TX Lifestyle

Lining the side of the store are wire shelves with precisely arranged cereal boxes, canned goods, cleaning products, pet supplies, and automotive products, and on the other side is the cooler so you can also take care of immediate shopping needs. There are also picnic tables on the outside patio and for those of you living in Georgetown TX real estate, it’s worth the short drive to enjoy a  hamburger at  The Andice General Store!

 Favorite Georgetown TX Hamburger Joints

I’m going to be reviewing many of my favorite Georgetown TX local places. I’ll tell you the best places to grab a hamburger, sip a milkshake, and enjoy yourself. Check back to see where the Mustang will take us for our next hamburger and if you have a current favorite Georgetown TX area dinning spot, let me know by leaving a comment below!


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